Putin “Will add 40 missles to nuclear arsenal”

A dramatic amphibious landing a U.S. Navy hovercraft glides onto the beach, troops storm ashore and fire their weapons, this is a NATO landing exercise in Sweden, further south soldiers move through trench lines deploy from helicopters these are US and NATO troops battle testing themselves as a possible confrontation with Russia looms in Eastern Europe.

My big worry here is the possibility of accident miscalculation when you have military forces operating close proximity… The military are considering sending hundreds of tanks artillery and other weapons to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep to the Baltic nations and elsewhere in Eastern Europe official tells CNN he will be enough to outfit a brigade up to 5500 troops, the soldiers themselves won’t be permanently stationed there but the official says the equipment will be there to use in these kinds of training exercises its prompted a warning from Russia its foreign ministry saying this could slide into quote "a new military confrontation with destructive consequences". Putin has just announced he’s adding over 40 new ballistic missiles to his nuclear arsenal but the .. "if someone threatens some of our territories we will have to aim our armed forces modern attack capabilities at those territories which threaten us, what else can we do?  As both sides build up their forces it’s putting the region on edge..  ..given the temperature of Russian military operations over the last year you have more of those interactions more possibilities for things to go wrong..

Read more and see the video at CNN – here


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