Conditions portrayed in The Day After Tomorrow movie are not so far fetched.


New climate modelling shows the conditions portrayed in The Day After Tomorrow movie are not so far fetched


Quote: “WHEN the hit doomsday movie The Day After Tomorrow was released in 2004, climate scientists laughed off the credibility of the threat depicted in the film. But fresh research by UK climatologists suggests it is more plausible than previously thought.


Researchers at Southampton University have put the scenario to the test and believe a similar, albeit less catastrophic, version could conceivably take place.


In the movie, global warming precipitates an abrupt collapse in a major current system in the Atlantic Ocean known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The current is an important component of the earth’s climate system and acts a conveyor belt by delivering warm, salty water northward from the tropics where the heat is transferred into the atmosphere. Simultaneously, the current system drags cooler water southward and in the process keeps Europe and North America warmer than it would otherwise be.”


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