The X-Files are coming back.


The NEW X-Files series is coming..

I’m looking forward to their return.  I’ve decided to revisit some of old the series to refresh myself.  So how will I do that?  I know.. I’ll try Amazon Prime, why not?  I know that they carry them.

But is Amazon Prime any good?  Is it worth the money?

Here’s what I found out from people currently using the service.

How much does it cost?   Less than $8 per month.

What do you get?  Thousands of free videos.  Thousands of free eBooks

Payment plan?  Auto credit or debit card payments that can be made non automatic just by checking a tick box.  I know I personally don’t like automatic payments, but that is purely a personal choice.

Cancellation and Refunds?  Yup, No Hassel, cancel and get a refund anytime.

Bonus points:  Free two day delivery on all items sold directly from Amazon.  Discounts on items you purchase as long as it is Prime items.  Student discount, and free instant videos.  Fast shipping, easy returns, and now streaming.

Comment:  It’s about $1.50 per month cheaper than the opposition “N.. F…”  Important if you sign up for the FREE trial and cancel before the end of the trail you will not be charged.

Anyhow feel free to leave a comment.  What do you think?      Spooky TV

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